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Join us in the pursuit of financial equality

Cryptocurrencies have been the best performing asset class of the past decade and today the market cap of all cryptocurrencies is over $1 trillion. The market is blossoming with no end in sight.

But more importantly, cryptocurrencies provide financial equality to enable anyone to save money and participate in a global economy. That's what we care about.

Safello was founded in 2013 to bring greater compliance and trust to this market. We have been regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (SFSA) as a Financial Institution and are banked by one of the top 4 Swedish banks since day one.

Today Safello serves over 200,000 customers in Sweden with a seamless buying and selling experience through Swish and Mobile BankID. This makes us the premier cryptocurrency brokerage in Sweden and a great place for you to excel in your career.

Meet your new colleagues 🙋🏼‍♂️

My heartbeat follows the bitcoin price. It feels good to be alive.

Niklas Lundback Head of Product Development

Since 2013 more than 160.000 customers trusted us with their transactions

Michal Gromek Head of Compliance & Operations

Crypto allows all of us to have equal access to financial independence.

Margareta Kowalska Project and Partnership Manager

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, financial freedom is one sign up away

Adam Ziane Head of Customer Experience

Workplace & Remote Work

We love meeting face-to-face to sync up and have fun at our off-sites. At the same time we have a strong digital culture where remote work is supported and in the current COVID-19 times encouraged. There is no mandatory office time.

Safello is headquartered in Stockholm at the coolest co-working space in arguably the best room at Epicenter. To give you an impression, below is a video interview our CEO gave for Epicenter members.



The values that drive us

Financial Freedom
Safello believes in a financial future where cryptocurrencies and state issued currencies go hand-in-hand and seamlessly interchange. Cryptocurrencies have already brought about more financial freedom by banking the underbanked and unbanked around the world. Our goal is to accelerate this trend.
Spark Adoption
In a world where cryptocurrencies thrive, people thrive. That's why we put emphasis to boost the adoption of cryptocurrencies across the board. Example of our educational efforts include The Safello Show podcast, Money 4 The People pocast, sponsorship of Konsensyspodden, workshops to regulators & authorities and our blog articles.
Protecting Customers
We take pride in protecting customers from the nefarious aspects of the cryptocurrency market. It is a core value of Safello to protect our users and prevent financial losses. This goes beyond the legal requirement as a Financial Institution. One bad experience in crypto is amplified to peers. Not on our watch.


Mäster Samuelsgatan 36
111 57 Stockholm Directions


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